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"It's Not a Financial Miracle."

David Macchia, MBA, RMA, CBBF

(Just some "miraculous" financial benefits.)

"Watch this video. An investment of  10-minutes explains the key to building tax-advantaged wealth, family financial security and tax-free cash in retirement."

The Benefits


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"I will show you how to build tax-advantaged wealth, family financial security, and more cash to live on in retirement.
Income tax-free!"

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David Macchia

Author and Nationally-recognized authority on retirement income planning.

About David

About David

A nationally-recognized authority in the field of retirement income planning, David Macchia is an author, entrepreneur and public speaker whose work is focused on enhancing retirement security in the U.S. Well known for his numerous marketing innovations, David is the developer of several of the industry's most successful retirement income solutions, inducing The Income for Life Model, and Women & Income, the first retirement income solution developed expressly for "boomer" women.

David has written dozens of articles on the subject of retirement income planning, and two books, Lucky Retiree and Constrained Investor. David earned an MBA, with Honors, from Boston University's Questrom School of Business. He holds the RMA and CBBF professional designations. David is Senior Board Advisor to the non-profit Federation of Americans for Consumer Choice. He has served as  Senior Consultant to LIMRA, and Director of the non-profit Retirement Income Industry Association.


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75 Arlington St.
Suite 500
Boston, MA 02111

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